3D Printing for a Good Cause!

Potentia is a sci-fi novel that explores how future tech, like 3D printing, can create superpowers and life-saving medicine. From electricity manipulation to eradicating diabetes, the future looks promising, but only to those who can afford it. But why wait for the future when I can help out now? If you don’t know me, I’m […]

3 Interesting Superpowers in the Sci-fi Novel The Genetica Saga: Potentia

In the novel Potentia, genetic engineering can give humans “superhuman” abilities. Using CRISPR Cas-9 and other related technology, scientists are able to modify a person’s genetic code to make them stronger, create additional senses, and extend natural human abilities. After years of research and human trials, companies were able to make these genetic superpowers available […]

Prologue – What Will You Become?

“Who are you, mijito? Are you lost?” The gray-haired grandpa asked for the third time. The young boy, Diego, flinched every time his Abuelo said those words. Sitting on the kitchen countertop, he attentively monitored the old man before him. Cardonado was once a strong railroad worker, but the years had worn his body down […]